Product Overview 


Protect customer and corporate data with disk encryption software from AlertBoot

AlertBoot is a web-based suite of data security tools for individuals and organizations that need cost-effective, scalable disk encryption and laptop data security. As a managed service, AlertBoot software makes it easy to protect your data and eliminates the IT costs associated with implementing and managing an "in-house" data encryption and security solution.

Industry-leading data encryption technology

AlertBoot provides the same industry-leading disk encryption with pre-boot authentication revolutionized by the SafeGuard Enterprise Security Engine from Sophos— the worldwide leader in encryption and data security.

Portable device and drive security

AlertBoot Port Control limits a user's ability to transfer data to removable devices and drives and synchronizes with devices remotely for easy configuration, deployment, and reporting.

Centralized security management and IT tools

AlertBoot Central lets you manage AlertBoot client applications over TCP/IP. All users, machines, files, recovery keys, and other functions can be administered remotely.

Enterprise-grade auditing and reporting

AlertBoot offers customizable reporting designed to help you achieve regulatory and audit compliance and scales quickly and easily with cost-effective licensing.

Advanced content encryption for files and USB keys

Optional Advanced Content Encryption lets you protect files and portable USB keys—so they stay encrypted regardless of where they go. 


Hard Drive Encryption


Protect data with hard drive encryption for PCs and laptops

Powered by the award-winning Sophos SafeGuard Enterprise Security Suite, AlertBoot's full disk encryption software utilizes industry-standard and certified data encryption algorithms, such as RC5-1024 and AES-256, to provide sector-level encryption of a computer's entire hard drive or drives.

Transparent deployment, with no performance degradation

With AlertBoot, both installation and data encryption seamlessly run in the background with no performance degradation to the users’ machines. And, at between 3-5MB, the AlertBoot package is as much as 90% smaller than competing encryption software.

Centralized deployment and management

Because AlertBoot is a web-based managed service, everything can be managed with AlertBoot Central — from updating users to upgrading security policies. Customizable reporting tools let you track failed logins and enable compliance auditing of encrypted devices around the world.

Pre-boot authentication

AlertBoot full disk encryption begins in the pre-boot, which ensures that unauthorized users cannot bypass the boot to the operating system.

Active directory and LDAP support

AlertBoot offers a single-sign-on option that allows users to reuse their Windows passwords to authenticate in with one login screen.

24/7 secure password recovery with AlertBoot's Helpdesk

Users can recover their passwords by visiting their own dedicated support website or through our personal helpdesk for password recovery — available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

More data protection features

The AlertBoot solution includes secure hibernation, secure password-protected screensavers, and the ability to block hardware ports on a machine. 


AlertBoot Central 


Simplify your security with centralized management

AlertBoot Central is, quite literally, your central hub of operations for encrypting all of your machines. It offers convenient and secure access for you to create security policies, manage users, and deploy data encryption packages.

Easy-to-use, console-based tools

AlertBoot Central enables web-based management of all AlertBoot client applications over TCP/IP. All users, machines, files, recovery keys, and other functions can be administered remotely and transparently. And, with AlertBoot Port Control, you can centrally manage the types of computer ports that can be used.

Remote installation and deployment

One small file installs AlertBoot full disk encryption on the latest Windows® laptops and desktops. A deployment of over 1,000 users can be completed in as little as one day, and the number of users that you can manage from AlertBoot Central is virtually unlimited.

Complete logs and reporting for compliance

AlertBoot Central comes complete with a fully-integrated Custom Reporting Engine to assist organizations in regulatory or auditing compliance. This reporting engine uses the logs and data collected by AlertBoot to make compliance reporting as painless as possible.

An added layer of authorization

Considering the power of AlertBoot Central, it’s critical that anyone logging into the console is authorized. That’s why we provide an extra layer of security using SecureAuth from MultiFactor Corp. SecureAuth relies on encrypted X509 Client certs to prevent phishing, DNS, and man-in-the-middle attacks, without the IT headaches that come with other certificate-based solutions. 


Auditing and Compliance 


The ONLY data encryption suite with fully integrated audit reporting

Out of all the full disk encryption software packages on the market today, only AlertBoot delivers the superior auditing and reporting capabilities needed by companies for compliance management. After all, at the end of the day, it's one thing to say "Yes – we use encryption". And quite another to say "Let me show you undeniable proof that our devices are fully encrypted and protected".

Cost-effective, real-time access to security data

AlertBoot's Reporting allows you to easily access and report on real-time data from encrypted machines without the need for paper logs, manual audits, and overtime pay. Organizations can audit their PCs and laptops quickly and easily, and output standard compliance reports.

Fully integrated with AlertBoot Central

AlertBoot Central's web-based architecture makes it easy to collect and compile data such as login attempts and information, user actions, and the disk encryption status of your machines—and to push new upgrades, users, and policies OUT to your machines as well.

Comprehensive auditing and compliance reporting

Collecting far-reaching data helps increase the overall level of accountability for end-users and administrators alike. it provides a comprehensive audit trail that enables you to extensively report on statistics for compliance and regulatory-mandated purposes:

  • Pick from a list of standard compliance reports for everything from Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).
  • Design your own audit reports that fit your own unique and specific needs.
  • Create custom formulas and filters to get exactly the data you need.
  • Customize your report results with color coding as well as graphs and charts.
  • Export all reporting to Microsoft Excel or Adobe Acrobat formats.


AlertBoot Benefits


Best in class encryption:

AlertBoot offers best-in-class AES-256 bit encryption technology from Sophos, a regularly-recognized leaderin Gartner Researchs Magic Quadrant for Endpoint Protection annual report.


When you use encryption the most important thing to consider is you have a stable and thoroughly testedencryption technology in use. Else you might just loose the very essential data that you are trying to protect,by corrupting it! With AlertBoot technology this prime requirement is more than taken care of.

Web Based Centralized security management and IT tools:

AlertBoot Central lets you manage AlertBoot client applications over TCP/IP. All users, machines, files,recovery keys, and other functions can be administered remotely.


Provides substantial cost savings in overall startup, deployment, and maintenance of an endpoint encryptionsolution; When it comes to AlertBoot, forget the worries of hiring IT consultants, maintaining servers,supporting endpoints/computers... The list goes on!

Enterprise-grade auditing and reporting:

AlertBoot offers customizable reporting designed to help you achieve regulatory and audit compliance. Thereporting tools are the “only of its kind” in the industry: highly customizable and extremely easy to use!


Now even if you are operating in various countries, you can always have the legal PROOF of being compliantfrom data security perspective. More importantly you don’t need to rely on a consultant to get these reports.It is so easy to use! AlertBoot compliance reports can also serve as a marketing tool showcasing strictdata security measures taken, for potential or existing clients of the organizations using it!

24/7/365 voice support

This is a unique feature of AlertBoot service, where every customer gets a toll free support number for anyand every help he/she needs while using AlertBoot solution. 


Encryption, being the way it is, can be a difficult technology to handle even for the technically proficientpeople. With this support line, everyone using AlertBoot has, a helping hand or a personal consultant, in away, always there and happy to help! More importantly, now like never before, you don’t need to be techsavvy to handle encryption!