Faxing Prevails: Here’s Why

28/04/2011 21:53

Towards the late 1990s, many analysts felt that faxing would soon be swept away by the ubiquitous use of email. Yet, here we are in 2011 and thousands of faxes are still flying between companies every day. How are we to account for its unexpected survival and how can businesses use fax server software to best utilize this technology?

The main reason behind the survival of fax technology can be summed up in two words: Utility and Adaptability. Let’s look at both in turn:

1) Utility:  It turns out that people in a wide variety of industries still find faxing to be a very useful and essential technology.  Consider the following:

·         Sometimes an accurately rendered ‘signature on paper’ is an absolute requirement. Faxing can deliver this as well as accurate rendering of other documents without the need for specialist equipment and programs.

·         Faxing provides a secure environment for the transmission of sensitive information and confidential documents.

·         Faxing provides the certainty that can come with ‘real time’ connections and instant delivery reports.

2) Adaptability: Faxing has evolved into a thoroughly modern technology. Faxing may not be a thing of the past but the traditional fax machine might well be. It is now possible to successfully incorporate faxing within the wider networked communication environment thanks to fax server software. This means that workers do not have to leave their desks to use a fax machine but that they can control all the essential services provided by a fax machine from their own workstation through the email client. This provides a level of convenience and confidentiality that makes faxing one of the best communication tools of all times.

Among the advantages of ‘ditching the machine’ in favor of fax server software are:

·         No fax machine: This means you will be saving up on paper, toner and maintenance costs.

·         Increased productivity: As mentioned previously, employees won’t need to leave their workstations at any point to send and/or pick up their faxes, as the fax server software allows them to do this through their email client – this saves up time and increases productivity.

·         Better confidentiality: Because faxes are sent/received through the email client, the possibility of a third person accidentally or intentionally viewing documents which were meant to be kept confidential is close to impossible, as opposed to manual faxing where everyone goes to the same machine and can view or pick up documents together with their own which could be highly confidential.

·         Copies can be easily stored and retrieved:  The fax server software itself usually allows users to store faxes and search for faxes in the archive. Digital faxes can even be sent to, and stored on, mobile devices if necessary.

·         Lower costs: Moving to fax server technology also cuts communications costs as the number of analogue or digital lines required is reduced.

Faxing prevails, although technology has transformed faxing as we knew it, to fax server software – helping you benefit from all of the strengths of faxing while running a cost effective, efficient and green office.

This guest post was provided by Arthur Turner on behalf of GFI Software Ltd. GFI is a leading software developer that provides a single source for network administrators to address their network security, content security and messaging needs. More information: GFI fax server solution.

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