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Postcode Anywhere supplies software and services which improve the day-to-day operations of over 8,000 organisations worldwide. Best known as a provider of address auto-fill and verification software, the company offers a range of data-driven services, including route planning, customer profiling and bank account validation.Postcode Anywhere UK Address auto-fill and validation – Provides quick and efficient UK address entry from postcode and partial address. 

Postcode Anywhere International – Allows you to make international address lookups. It consumes 1 credit for USA or Canada lookups, and 2 credits for any other country that we have coverage for. 

Cleanse+ - Takes an existing address database and cleans it by matching it against the PAF database. Can either be operated as a web service, or we can provide a bureau service. The Royal Mail makes about 5,000 changes to their database every day, these changes can be imported into your address database by cleansing it. It consumes 1 credit for every 5 addresses you enter into the cleanser. 

Customer Profiling – Returns demographic information based on the postcode that you enter. Useful for scoping out marketing or publicity opportunities. Results are broken down into 5 demographic categories, 17 individual groups, 56 demographic types, 287 individual lifestyle and 125 demographic profiles. This consumes 2 credits per lookup. 

Payment Validation – Validates sort code and account numbers at the point of entry so that levels of failed payments are reduced. Can be performed as a batch process. Consumes 1 credit per validation.

Email Validation – Validates email addresses at the point of capture. Can also be performed as a batch process. Consumes 1 credit per validation. Whatever the case, validating e-mail addresses - whether at the point of capture, or as a batch-cleanse process after - is the answer.

Geocoding – Map points from their geographic data. Can be used as a store finder service. Consumes 1 credit per geocode, and then 2 credits for every ‘where’s my nearest’ request.

Distances and Directions – Calculate the distance between, and get directions for, any A-B route. Useful for validating mileage claims. Can also calculate carbon emission levels. Typically consumes 2 credits per request, but it can vary depending on the variables you enter. 

It is now the fastest-growing reseller of Royal Mail’s Postcode Address File (PAF®) and the market leader for online address auto-fill. A multi-award-winning organisation, it has also appeared in Deloitte’s European fast-growth technology company list for three years running. For more information about Postcode Anywhere, please visit: