iMindMap Home & Student

iMindMap Home & Student is our user-friendly Mind Mapping tool, kitted out with features to help you capture ideas quickly and make great looking maps your way. Speed, ease and creativity are the cornerstones of iMindMap Home & Student.

Whether you are revising for an exam, organising your schedule or planning a big event, Mind Mapping is stress-free thanks to time-saving tools like  SmartLayout, Audio Notes and Wizards.

Guaranteed to help home and student users learn the facts in less time, illustrate ideas and juggle tasks. Plus get a free 3 month subscription to our web-based tool, iMindMap Online!

We all want more time to enjoy ourselves and get the most out of our days, and that’s why iMindMap Home & Student is packed with features to do the menial tasks for you.

When you’re furiously taking down notes, or brainstorming ideas, the technical wizard that is  SmartLayout will take care of the formatting and drawing of your map to keep it all in order; including the all-powerful, all-knowing Clean Up button, and the SmartLayout override tool for branches you want to format yourself, Branch Pins.

Creating schedules, to do lists or plans is a piece of cake when you can choose from our ready-made Templates and Wizards. And why type at all when time is of the essence and you can simply use  Audio Notes to capture chunks of information in a lecture or class?

Keeping on top of your studies, tasks and projects isn’t just about speeding through. iMindMap is all about thinking better, so we’ve designed features to give you the space you need to get your head around the complicated stuff and really dig deep.

Shut out the background noise and  Focus In on a key point for your coursework, research or specific task on your to do list to really explore it thoroughly. Test your knowledge by using Expand & Collapse to hide the answers on your revision maps and see if you can remember them (if you're Mind Mapping your subjects, we’re pretty confident you will).

If you’ve got a lot of balls in the air and need to keep track of the big picture and the little details, you’re going to sigh with relief when you discover the sanity-saving  MultiMaps. Create multiple central ideas on one canvas to perform an elegant and effective visual juggling act.

It wouldn’t be iMindMap if we didn’t let you do it your way. iMindMap Home & Student gives you the control to create unique maps that flaunt your style and suit your purpose.

Give your maps a range of different looks depending on their theme or audience, using our selection of tailored Styles to determine the colours, fonts, curves and layout. You can even create your own customised Styles for looks unique to you.

iMindMap’s clever Sketch Tool will also let you flex your artistic muscles and draw your own images, or simply alter and add to images from our library or elsewhere.