Get started with e-conomic!

e-conomic is an online accounting software used by more than 46,000 companies and 4,100 accountants worldwide - from sole practitioners to large accounting firms. The software is easy to use and flexible, and you can give your accountant free access.

Online benefits

e-conomic exploits all the advantages of being online. 
This means:
  • You don't need to install space-consuming software on your computer or worry about upgrading the application;
  • That the e-conomic software and your accounts are available anywhere, anytime;
  • That you can go on the Internet with your external accountant and/or bookkeeper at the same time.

Easy to get started

Select one of e-conomic's default setups that matches your type of business and you can start invoicing, bookkeeping and preparing budgets straight away.
e-conomic's easy-to-use interface and structure make it easy to find the right menus and functions - you'll get familiarized with the software in no time. 
Only the transactions set the limits
In e-conomic you'll find Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, General Ledger and Sales modules.
The software comes in two versions, Small and Standard. The basic functions in Small and Standard are identical. They only differ in the number of transactions allowed.
Small allows up to 4,000 transactions per accounting year and is thus an ideal solution for small companies. With the Standard version, you have access to an unlimited number of transactions. When you reach 4,000 transactions within one accounting year, the Small version is automatically upgraded to Standard.
Go on the Internet with your accountant
Audits and VAT payments can turn any accounts department upside-down.
There may be vouchers which have not yet been booked or ringbinders which are sent back and forth between the company and the accountant.
With e-conomic accounting software you can go on the Internet with the accountant and an external bookkeeper and give them access to both vouchers and bookings.
The access for the accountant/external bookkeeper is free of charge.
When the company grows
You may expand e-conomic as your company grows.
With a single click you can open new modules and continue working with the same data, but with expanded functionality.
Try out e-conomic for free take a two-week trial - free of charge Instant access to the full accounting system.