What would you like different in your life today?

A whole mind approach to read with speed, comprehension, and enjoyment. Stretch yourself. PhotoRead at 25,000 words a minute.

Diamond Feng Shui 
Change the energy of your home or workplace for immediate, long-lasting results in your success, health, relationships, and spiritual growth.

Paraliminals & The Ultimate You Library
A collection of individual CDs using our "Paraliminal" technology to help you make changes such as improving memory, freeing yourself from anxiety, losing weight, eliminating negative self-talk.

Memory Optimizer 
A fun, bold approach to vastly improve your memory.

7 experts help you experience a natural, euphoric high. An astounding experience of peace of mind, bliss, and tranquility.

Four Powers For Greatness 
Develop the listening, reading, speaking, and writing skills of a professional communicator.

Million Dollar Vocabulary 
Sharpen your verbal edge for success.

EasyLearn Language Programs 
Effortlessly learn Spanish, French, or German in a relaxed, accelerated manner.

Boundless Renewal 
Embrace the power of reflection to rejuvenate, attract, and achieve.

Happy for No Reason 
Deep and lasting happiness doesn’t depend on your circumstances. It just bubbles up from within… for no reason at all. Use this powerful approach to experience true happiness that naturally leads to greater success, wealth, and health, and more fulfilling relationships.

No Matter What! 
Finding your passion and living your dreams becomes an exciting adventure in this transformational course. Use your inner coach to make better decisions, create dynamic relationships, inspire people, and make a difference in the world—no matter what!

Effortless Success 
Enter the place where pure possibility and potential exist. Transformational leader Jack Canfield translates the general principles of the Law of Attraction into specific practices to help you create the life you want now.


Spring Forest Qigong 
Use your mind to eliminate pain and sickness from your body while giving you more energy.

Sonic Access 
Instantly transform your energy patterns to manifest your deepest desires using this new sound frequency technology.

Seeds of Enlightenment
Recognize the Universal Laws of Existence as they create your experience in each moment. Through eight powerful meditations, you learn to interact with and direct universal energy for immediate results that transform your life.

Abundance for Life 
Break the trances of everyday life for a world of health, wealth, power, and abundance.

Genius Code 
Tune into those secret messages that your brain automatically sends you to explore the realm of genius thinking.

Natural Brilliance 
Finally you can release any blocks that have been holding you back, freeing yourself to release what can only be called Natural Brilliance.

The indelible power to bounce back...and come out ahead.

Personal Celebration Series 
Discover purpose and satisfaction in your life.

Clear Mind ~ Bright Future 
Goal setting with focus, energy, and achievement.

Genius Mind DVD 
A stunning, uniquely interactive program that activates the brilliance of your mind.

Effortless Abundance DVD 
Paul Scheele shows you how to step out of the limited conscious mind's desire to control your life.

Love & Long Life
John Gray shares his findings of gender-specific solutions for optimizing brain chemistry, diet, exercise, stress management, and romance.

In-House Training 
Resources for schools, colleges, and companies and their faculty/trainers to help students learn more in less time with greater competencies.

The Secret DVD
The secret is a ground-breaking feature-length movie that reveals the secret to everything - the secret to unlimited joy, health, money, relationships, love, and youth... everything you have ever wanted.