Tourweaver Features


A fast and easy way to create professional virtual tour

Never before does a virtual tour software have such powerful function as Tourweaverhowever fairly easy-to-use. Easypano keeps serving you the best professionalvirtual tour utility with our cutting-edge technology.
Tourweaver possesses the unique features of interactive map with compass effect, personalized viewer skin and customized walkthrough. It creates a rich and vivid immersive virtual tour easily and fast, which can include:
  • Spherical panoramas
  • Cylindrical panoramas
  • Still images
  • Sound
  • URL
  • Hotspot
  • Interactive map/ floor plan
  • Slideshows
  • Text


It provides you multiple ways to present your tour. Either a professional or a newbie could build a charming virtual tour with Tourweaver. Tourweaver offers the following solution:
  • Link spherical panorama, cylindrical panorama and still image together to build a web based virtual tour
  • Customize viewer skin and scene visually
  • Add hotspots which can be linked to panorama, still images, audio or another virtual tour.
  • Set tour path to control the timing and virtual tour walkthrough
  • Tailor an interactive map with compass effect
  • Generate virtual tour as web applet format, which is easily posted to web and no plug-in necessary when viewing.
Key Features
1. Full individualization
Tourweaver could enable you to customize a virtual tour of your own style. It provides the user full freedom to make your conceived tour come true.
  • Visually customize the skin
By customizing the skin, you can determine the final presentation of the tour. You can tailor the every tour component in the viewer, even the small button.
  • Adjust FOV, Pan, Tilt for each scene;
You can have a full domination on how each scene zooms, rotates vertically and horizontally.
  • Customize the IE title bar;
Advanced applet settings can enable you to customize the IE title bar, including border color, background color, close button as well as text in the
IE title bar, i.e. virtual tour title.
2. Easy to use
Tourweaver is an easy-to-use virtual tour creator. Even you are new in virtual tour, it could guide you to build a surprising tour with no special training.
  • Viewer skin templates available;
Diversified and fine viewer skin has been included in Tourweaver. You may simply choose one skin, import images and output a dazzling virtual tour.
  • Output to FTP server;
In addition to publish the virtual tour to the hard drive, Tourweaver offers FTP output option to save your time. A virtual tour can be directly uploaded to the indicated FTP server.
Create the virtual tour in a way of WYSIWYG. Once you import the scene image, preview would be available for every action you take. You can
observe how your operation impacts the final output of the virtual tour at the first time and accordingly modify your virtual tour to a more satisfactory one.
3. Multimedia demonstration
Tourweaver has the unparalleled path feature designed for virtual tour multimedia demonstration.
  • Slide show;
Slide show is automatically created for the default virtual tour demonstration.
  • Preset the timing and walkthrough
By setting tour path, user could control the timing for each scene, and arrange the walkthrough for the whole tour.
  • Transition effect;
Transition effects make your virtual tour more pleasing: Fade in& fade out, zoom in, blinds.
4. Multiple navigating options
Pick your favorite way to display the virtual tour interactively, either hotspot or floor plan or any other options.
  • Support multiple hotspots;
Either you wanna link the hotspots to a cylindrical panorama, spherical panorama, still image, or to your favorite music, your own website, even to
another virtual tour, Tourweaver could easily fulfill the goal.
  • Interactive map with compass effect available;
Setting an interactive map in Tourweaver would help you accomplish a more vivid and interactive virtual tour. Tourweaver also allows you to
personalize the map as you like.
  • Other options;
Multiple ways of navigating virtual tour for your choice: combo box, list box, thumbnails, text, image.
5. Extensibility
Users are free to extend Tourweaver with API (application programming interface).
  • API scripting
Tourweaver specially offers API script for advanced users so that user could implement the desired effect which is not included in the software.